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Choosing a fly

HASTINGS FLY FISHERS is a family-oriented fishing club covering the Port Macquarie Hastings region. We are devoted primarily to the promotion and enjoyment of fly-fishing in all its various forms.

This includes fly-fishing in pristine mountain trout streams, fishing the lowland rivers and lakes for native freshwater species as well as saltwater fly-fishing in river estuaries and on local beaches.

What’s the Best About Our Club?

Hastings Fly Fishers is a family-oriented club that is open to all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. We welcome anyone who enjoys the pleasure of fly fishing, fly tying and subscribes to the principles of catch and release.

Regular activities include monthly club meetings, fly tying nights and fishing outings. For more information visit the Club Events page.

If you already fly-fish, or want to learn the art of fly-fishing, here is your opportunity to meet up with like-minded people.

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Knot Terminology

We are often trying to learn new knots for fishing, boating or just around the home. Here is a short list of some knot terminology used at times when describing knotting or rope parts in general. One term we often come across for instance is the "standing end". Now you will definitely know what a standing end is …

Types of Fly Lines Explained

There are a number of types of fly lines, one of the common differentiators of these is fly line density. Fly lines have different densities, each density is used for a different method of fly fishing. At the highest level, fly lines either float or sink. When we break it down a bit further we discover that there …