Know Your Fish – Queenfish

Know Your Fish – Queenfish

Giant queenfish - NT.GOV.AU
Giant Queenfish Scomberoide scommersonnianus

There are four types of queenfish present in Australian tropics but the two mainly encountered by most fishermen, these are the Giant Queenfish Scomberoide scommersonnianus and the Lesser Queenfish Scomberoides lysan. They are one of the most commonly encountered saltwater fish in the coastal waters of the Northern half of Australia and are often found in schools. Read More »

Paul Fedeles’ Easy Hopper

Paul Fedeles' Easy Hopper

An easy hopper pattern that will help you to learn and practice techniques for tying hoppers.

Tying instructions can be found in the May issue of the HFF Flycast.


  • Thread – Wooly nylon (Nylon stretch over locking thread)
  • Hook – Any Hopper hook (This one is a size 10)
  • Body – 2 mm craft foam cut into hopper like shape.
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