Gear Made Simple – Fly Rods

Gear Made Simple – Fly Rods

You enter a store that specialises in fly rods. Your aim – to purchase your first fly rod. The store owner approaches and describes the brilliant fishing to be had in the mountain streams. “Wow”, you exclaim. “What rod would you recommend if I go up there?” “This is the rod for you”, he pronounces.

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Distance Casting – Steve Rajeff

Distance Casting – Steve Rajeff

Steve Rajeff teaches distance casting to FFI/IFFF Master Casting Instructors – Long Beach Casting Club – March 29, 2014

  • 0:00 Stroke length/ Tempo/ Trajectory
  • 1:14 How many false casts when bonefishing?
  • 3:41 Note the textbook FFI definition of the trailing (underslung) loop on his distance backcast
  • 3:46 Here’s another example of the trailing loop
  • 3:51 Opening/closing wrist throughout the stoke
  • 6:10 Rod action’s influence on optimal rotation timing
  • 7:04 Tracking
  • 8:14 Thumb position
  • 8:54 Stance for tracking
  • 9:24 Haul speed
  • 10:57 Thrust
  • 12:25 Elevation of the hand?
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Accuracy Casting – Steve Rajeff

Accuracy Casting – Steve Rajeff

Steve Rajeff teaches competition accuracy casting to Master Casting Instructors – Long Beach Casting Club – March 30, 2014.

  • 0:05 Hand position changes with distance
  • 4:03 Tendency to tail from late wrist rotation
  • 5:19 Double haul enables shorter stroke for accuracy
  • 7:31 Hovering the fly
  • 8:49 Leader design
  • 12:24 Leader butt diameter and stiffness
  • 13:07 Bass Bug event
  • 13:26 DT vs.
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August 2018 Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter

Vol. 10, No. 1, August 2018
Club Executive, Committee and Delegates1
Editor's Message2
President's Message3
An Award to Remember4
Some NETAS News5
Member's Tips6
Outings Report - Wallabi Point, July 22nd7
Outings Photos - Wallabi Point8
Toadfish of Toado9
Social Secretary's Report9
10th Anniversary Celebration News - "Watch this Space"10
"It Seems to Me" - Occasional comments from a Life Member12
July AGM Photos13
Thank You, Supporters!
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