HFF Flycast, June 2019

HFF Flycast, June 2019

The picture on our cover is of Outings Co-ordinator Don with a barramundi caught on his trip to Hinchinbrook Passage. Why this blast from the past? Simples Eeeech! Two of our lucky members, Rodney Adams and Ken Holley are no doubt threshing the warm waters of the Passage into foam as I write this, hoping to fool a barra and other tropical species to accept their flies. Read More »

Red Headed Step Child

Red Headed Step Child

Hogan's Red Headed Stepchild
Hogan’s Red Headed Stepchild


  • Hook: #14-20 Daiichi 1560
  • Bead: Small Red Glass Bead
  • Thread: Brown Veevus 8/0
  • Tail: Pheasant Tail
  • Rib: Small Red Wire
  • Thorax: Peacock Herl
  • Case: Medium Veevus Pearlescent Tinsel
  • Legs: Red Krystal Flash

The Red Headed Step Child is a great small mayfly nymph or general attractor nymph developed by fly tying guru Hogan Brown.

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Is There a Secret to Untangling Knots?

Is There a Secret to Untangling Knots?

Philip Monahan, from Midcurrent.com, answers a reader’s question:

Are there any secrets to untangling the other kind of common fly-fishing knots: the unintended ones you create because of wind or bad casting?

A knotty problem

Answer: Well, I don’t know about secrets, but there are certainly some untangling strategies that I learned during my guiding days. Read More »

Flats Crab

Flats Crab

Here’s an SBS of a nice easy to tie crab fly that’s great for bonefish, permit, reds etc…anything that eats a crab is going to eat this.


  • Hook: Gamakatsu S10S-4H six 6-2/0
  • Thread: Tan 6/0 Uni thread
  • Weight: Lead or brass dumbbells to suit situation
  • Mouthparts: marabou
  • Claws: 4 hackle feathers
  • Eyes: burnt 30lb mono dipped in epoxy (ready made are fine too)
  • Body: EP fibres
  • Legs: round rubber or silli legs

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Fly Fishing Leaders

Fly Fishing Leaders

This article was originally from FlyfishUSA website (page now defunct). Note: The brands mentioned in this article are sold by FlyfishUSA.

Fly Fishing Leaders, their construction and formulae for trout, steelhead and salmon.

Understanding Fly Leaders

Hand tied leaders

Having an understanding of leader material and a practised knowledge of reliable fishing knots is as important to the angler as knowing how to cast. Read More »