Bass Buddy

Bass Buddy
See also: Booby Eyes - Flyfishers Replublic
Instructions can be found on
pages 203- 204 of The Fly Tying Bible.


  • Size 6-8 hook
  • Marabou feathers for tail – colour of your choice, white, black, olive, etc.
  • Estas Chenille – pink, green, red.
  • Round foam for head/eyes.

Tying instructions

  1. Lay a bed of thread along shank of hook, to opposite hook point.
  2. Tie in Marabou tail (length about hook length).
  3. Tie on Estas Chenille.
  4. Tie on foam head with figure 8 just short of hook eye.
  5. Wrap shank of hook with Estas Chenille up to & over Foam Head.
  6. Tie off with thread at hook eye & seal thread end with Super Glue.
  7. Use marker pen to indicate eyes on foam.