Black Tadpole

Source: The Fly Tyers Bible, p.188-89.

Designed by Terry Griffiths and Peter Gathercole in the 1960s, the Tadpole takes the use of turkey marabou for highly mobile wings and tails to it’s logical conclusion. The Tadpole’s tail is highly mobile and much longer than its body, giving it plenty of movement in still water.

By adding weight to the hook, the Tadpole is made to duck and dive on every twitch of retrieve, while the long tail pulses with life. It’s an action few trout are able to resist.

Tadpoles are tied in a variety of colours, from olive, orange and white to this black and green combination (which really stands out in coloured and clear water).


  • Hook: Size 6-10 wet fly hook.
  • Thread: Black.
  • Body: Black chenille.
  • Thorax: Fluorescent lime-green chenille.
  • Weight: Lead wire.
  • Hackle: Black cock hackle.
  • Tail: Black marabou.

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black and green tadpole
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