BMS Saltwater Variant

BMS Saltwater Variant

Upon deep and meaningful discussions the fly selected – envelope please – will be the BMS Saltwater Variant.

BMS Saltwater Variant tying instructions


  • Hook: Size 4 or 6 saltwater.
  • Thread: Red wooly nylon
  • Bead: Clear glass
  • Weight:
    • Size 4, 5 turns of .020 lead free wire
    • Size 6, 7 turns or .020 lead free wire
  • Rib: Gold tinsel
  • Body: Chartreuse, Yellow or Green Soft EP Fibres
  • Mixed tinsel – cut an inch and a half-length of EP Fibres and mix it in a coffee grinder.

Tying Instructions

  1. Crush the barb and put the bead on hook. Leave the wire in the middle of the hook. Put a small amount of super glue on the hook to hold the thread in place.
  2. From behind the bead tie in the gold tinsel with the silver side showing back to the bend in the hook. Return the thread to the front.
BMS saltwater varriant step 2
  1. Take a small ball of the mixed EP Fibres. Catch it in behind the bead, leave room for the neck and gradually pull it towards the bend in the hook to make a messy body and a tail. Neatness doesn’t count.
  2. Rib the tinsel gold side out to just behind the eye. Use your bodkin to pull out the fibres between the wraps of gold tinsel.
BMS saltwater varriant step 3
BMS saltwater varriant step 4
  1. Cut a pencil size or smaller length Ep fibres. Tie it on top of the hook extended a little longer than the hook shank. More if you are rich and don’t mind wasting material. You want the fibres to be just past the bend in the hook.
  2. Trim the back of the strip of EP fibre half a hook length. This will make the top wing stand up when wet. Then fold the wing back over the top of the fly and tie it in. Trim it just behind the bend in the hook.
BMS saltwater varriant step 6
  1. Turn the hook upside down and repeat the same process and the same lengths.
BMS saltwater varriant step 7
  1. Turn the hook back over and make a red gill trigger point just behind the eye of the hook. Double whip finish and a drop of super glue to hold it.
  2. Use a brush or Velcro to guide all the fibres towards the rear of the hook. Take it out of the vice and use your fingers to groom the fibres as shown.
BMS saltwater varriant step 8

When the fly is wet hopefully it will look like something alive that the fish wants to attack.

BMS saltwater variant