BWC Flies Saltwater Selection

BWC Flies Saltwater Selection

Disco Shrimp - BWC Flies
Disco Shrimp

These flies were demonstrated by Brett from BWC Flies at our January outing at North Haven.

Developed first by Drew Chicone, of Central Coast Fly Rodders, the Disco Shrimp is so named because of the sequin at the hook eye. This version has the addition of stinger hooks for those bream and whiting that short strike the fly. A great pattern in the spring summer months for flats fishing.

The Disco Shrimp is a great fly for the surface junkies to target species like Estuary Perch, Whiting and Bream. My preferred size for targeting Bream and Whiting is tied on the size 4 Partridge Saltwater shrimp hook. The fly features a gold sequin at the eye of the hook which creates a water spraying “bloop” on the strip.

Shannon Kitchener’s Whiting Mesmeriser - BWC Flies
Shannon Kitchener’s Whiting Mesmeriser

A BWCflies Signature Series of fly patterns. Shannon Kitchener’s Whiting “Mesmeriser” has been in Shannon’s line up for a couple of years, tweaking the pattern to ensure that it consistently delivered Whiting on fly in a flats fishing scenario.

The key to its success, is keeping the fly on the sandy flat to allow it to “puff” up sediment as the fly is stripped along. Whiting are inquisitive by nature, they will hone in on the moving target but its still up to you, the angler, to fish the fly to get the eat.

I spent a couple of days on the Forster flats with Shannon and learnt a great deal about targeting Whiting successfully with this sub surface offering. A few of the key notes are to fish light, down to a 4lb tippet if you can and to study the riffle zones where bait will be concentrated. The Whiting in these areas are noticeably more active.

Brett Clark