Carping On!

Carping On!

These flies were originally recommended by HFF Distant Member Paul Fedeles for the Hunter Valley (formerly Singleton) Fly Fishing Club Invitational Carp Classic, however they still apply to any carp fishing, eg. Nundle.

The Carp Classic was held on mid October. Sixty members from three fly fishing clubs – including Hastings Fly Fishers – descended upon Lake Liddell, south of Muswellbrook and about 25km from Singleton.

Paul Fedeles' Go To Carp Bash fly

Paul Fedeles’ Go-To  Carp Bash fly

Tie on the cut end first then fold the other end over.
Use woolly nylon thread.

You don’t need any weight as the material soaks up the water and sinks. They are not very durable when you remove them with pliers from the fish’s mouth. Tie lots of them because they are so easy to tie. Scud hooks 8 and 10. Toss out the burley and then toss your fly into the burley. When it disappears you have a fish.

Central Coast Fly Rodders' bread fly
Notes from Peter Glasson

The really successful fly was the bread fly – especially the one as tied by Central Coast Fly Rodders ­using white “Egg Yarn” from EJ Todd ­ especially those with a little weight, ie. lead wrap and on a size 6 and 8 Mustad Hook 34007 the same as used for the JOS Gurgler. The fly was fished using foam stick on float to manage the depth, ie. Palsa Pinch-on-float ­ depth of the fly was around 2 to 3 feet.

The second successful fly was the carp fly or the hybrid backstabber fly (right) again on similar hooks and tied in olive and orange colours. These flies worked really well when the carp slowed on the bread.

The only other trick was the leader ­some of us went too light and were regularly busted off. Don’s straight thru 20lb leader did the trick and as soon as Julian changed over he landed fish after fish with no problems. 

It seems 15lb tippets were a practical minimum.

Carp Fly Suggestions

Paul Fedeles

A skilled and innovative fly tier, Paul is a member of the Sydney Flyrodders and a distant member of Hastings Fly Fishers. Check out his website at