Cat’s Whisker

The Cat’s Whisker is one of the best, if not the best, when it comes to stillwater trout fishing. There are many variations but the original remains as effective today as it was decades ago when Bob Church popularised the pattern after being given a handful to try by its inventor David Train.

The marabou tail and wing pulse in the water, and the white and green colour combination is a true winner. Add to this the up-and-down effect when you retrieve, caused by the heavy chain bead eyes at the front, and the whole thing is exaggerated brilliant.


  1. Insert the hook into the vice, secure the thread and form a neat underbody.
  2. Tie in a bunch of the marabou for the tail. Ensure it is tied along the hook shank to give an even underbody.
    Trim off waste.
  3. Strip off the fluff and expose the core of the chenille and tie it in at the tail.
  4. Wrap the chenille tightly along the hook shank in touching turns to form the body, stopping around 3mm shore of the eye. Trim off waste.
  5. Tie a bunch of marabou for the wing. Secure firmly and trim off the excess.
  6. Form a neat head, whip-finish and varnish.


  • Hook: 10-12 long shank
  • Thread: 8/0 White
  • Body: Green Chenille but any colour will do
  • Tail: White Marabou
  • Wing: White Marabou

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Strange but true!

It’s said that the addition of the real cats’ whiskers prevented the wing wrapping around the body, thus ruining the action of the fly.