Cicada Fly

Jim Misiura's Cicada Fly

The Cicada fly is a great summer-time dry. There are many versions of it but it is a most effective fly to use when the cicadas are around often the bush is filled with the noise of the cicadas indicating this is the time to use these flies.

Cicadas don’t fly very well and many of them land on the water, prompting even the largest fish to take them from the surface.

Size 6 cicada wings


  • Hook: Size 6 to 4 2x
  • Thread: Brown or white
  • Body: 2-3mm closed cell foam – colour fawn or green (see pattern shape).
    Thick yarn – fawn or brown (similar to that used in Crab fly)
    Crystal chenille (light green or black).
  • Wing: EP fibres of buck tail (white or fawn).
  • Eyes: Black plastic bead chain (cut 3 per length and remove the centre one).
  • Legs: Barred rubber (colour of your choice).
Tying a cicada with Jim Misiura
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