Crazy Charlie

Crazy Charlie

This is a really good fly quite at home in any puddle – be it saltwater or fresh. It’s basically a caricature of something living.

The secret is the fur over the wing as this gives the fly action even when it’s not moving. It can be tied in many colours – white and red, black/purple, black/red, olive/green.

Basically the same colours in the salt as well as the fresh water. It is effective in any part of the water column.

Peter Morse has a great chapter in his book A Few Great Flies … And how to Fish Them – Chapter 8 Crazy World.

“These are great little flies for flats fishing – they ride along the bottom point up. Short strips seem to work well with a pause. An intermediate line is part of the presentation. Sometimes a fly lifting off the bottom rather than kicking along the sand is what we want. Other times we need the fly stuck to the bottom like it’s glued so that, on the retrieve, it kicks up puffs of sand.  Sometimes a floating line will be more affected by wind.”

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  • Hook Type: Tiemco 811S or Mustad 34007
  • Hook Size: 4 or 8
  • Thread: Nylon, fine
  • Eyes: Bead chain, silver
  • Body: Vinyl rib
  • Overwing: White synthetic fibre of choice

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