Czech Nymph

With the basic profile of a caseless caddis larva, the Czech Nymph is extremely effective when trout and greyling are feeding hard on the riverbed.

Developed by Czech anglers, the combination of heavy hook and lead underbelly ensures that the pattern sinks extremely quickly, making it ideal for fishing in deep or fast-moving water.

The Czech Nymph may be tied in a range of colours, with brown and green being the most effective.

The shellback consists of a thin, flexible plastic strip, a product marketed under brand names such as Body Stretch and Scud Back.

Body colour varies from black, olive and fiery brown to red and orange.

"When CZ nymphing you bump a team of two or three flies close to the bottom you snag a lot, and having easily replicable flies allows you to fish more aggressively and catch more fish."
Jindra Lacko


  • Hook: Size 8-12 heavy wire
  • Thread: Brown
  • Weight: Lead wire
  • Body: Brown fur with a section of green fur
  • Thorax: Hare’s fur
  • Rib: Fine flat gold tinsel and clear nylon monofilament
  • Shellback: Brown plastic strip

Source: The Fly-tying Bible (pages 134-135)


  • Hook: #8 gammarus hook
  • Thread: 6/0 UNI thread colour Tan
  • Weight: Medium size flat lead (round wire works just as fine but flat is easier to work with)
  • Body: Hare dubbing dyed light Olive. Seal dubbing dyed Hot Orange. 60 Hare/40 Seal dubbing dyed Black
  • Rib: 16mm mono
  • Shellback: 4mm back cover, colour Honey
  • Colour: A light touch of black CD marker pen

Source: Hatches Magazine