Flashtail Whistler

Source: InTheRIffle.com

The Flashtail Whistler is a great fly for Pike, Peacock Bass and Largemouth Bass. It is a large profiled baitfish pattern that “whistles” when cast (due to the large bead chain eyes).

The Flashtail Whistler can also be used in saltwater applications for offshore species and jacks.

It can be tied in many colours, with the most popular being red/white and yellow/red.

Tying Instructions for Dan Blanton’s original

InTheRiffle Recipe (above)

  • Hook: #01-3/0 Tiemco 600SP
  • Eyes: Silver Large Bead Chain
  • Thread: Red UTC 140
  • Tail 1: White Bucktail
  • Tail Flash: Pearl or Silver Flashabou
  • Tail 2: Red Bucktail
  • Body/Gills: Red Pearl Core Braid
  • Side Feathers: Grizzly Saddle Hackle
  • Collar: Red or Hot Orange Schlappen
  • Glue: Brush On Zap A Gap

Fly Tie Night Recipe

  • Tail: Bucktail
  • Tail Flash: Pearl flash
  • Side Feathers: Saddle hackles 8
  • Sparkle chenille
  • Side Feathers: Grizzly saddle hackles 2
  • Collar: Webby saddle hackle or marabou feather in red (preferably)
  • Thread colour optional.

here are lots of Whistler variants out there. Here are a few Things from Peter Morse’s book A Few Great Flies – and How to Fish Them:

(Top to bottom) Dan Blanton’s flashtail Whistler tied on a jig hook; Dan Blanton’s flashtail Sunset Whistler; A large unweighted Thing for fishing impounded weed beds for barra; Three colour Thing variations, with classic Pink Thing first, then a purple Black ‘n’ Barred variation, then a Spearhead variation; Chris Beech’s Black ‘n’ Barred; Chris Beech’s Mud Thing; Roger Sinclair’s favourite colour variation, called a Wild Thing.

Or you could try this “Poor Man’s Whistler”:
(Source: Pike on the Fly)

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