Bloody Mary Variant

Bloody Mary Variant

The Bloody Mary came about as a way, after much trial, error and experimentation, of imitating the adult and larval stages of large stoneflies.

“Every so often a real gem comes to light, a fly that either answers some long-standing need, or, by virtue of it’s success just as a nondescript, is a contribution of definite value to the sport…Without question the Bloody Mary is such a fly.”

David Scholes

The following is, after some experimentation of his own, Paul Fedeles’ variant.


  • Bead head: Tungsten or 3 turns of 0.15 lead free. (Important step)
  • Hook: 2x size 16 Nymph
  • Thread: Red Sheer 14/0
  • Rib 1: Ultra-small silver wire
  • Rib 2: Peacock Herl
  • Tail: Red EP soft fibres
  • Body: Red woolly nylon
  • Hackle: Saddle Grizzly feather or soft hackle

Tying Instructions

Crush the barb, put on the bead or wire and cover hook with thread.

  1. Crush the barb, put on the bead or wire and cover hook with thread.
  2. Starting at the bead, tie in the silver wire finishing on top of the hook.
  3. Starting at the bead, tie in a small hank of Soft Red EP fibres.
  4. Split the hank at the bend, pull the wire through and wrap it once around the hook.
  5. Starting at the bead, tie in a single peacock herl back to the bend
  6. Starting at bead tie in a 6-inch piece of woolly nylon back to the bend.
  7. Wrap the woolly nylon forward and back until you have created the body. Tie it off.
  8. Palmer the peacock over the hook creating the first set of ribs.
  9. Palmer the silver wire under the body for the second rib. The wraps should be between the ribs of the peacock herl.
  10. Tie in the hackle and make two wraps and tie it off.
  11. Whip finish and place one drop of Sally Hansen just behind the bead or eye of the hook.