Hendo’s Flea Fly

Hendo’s Flea Fly

Hendo’s Flea Fly is a creation of our Club Patron Brian Henderson. Due to this fly being a new creation/interpretation there is only the folklore of fishing to back up the following pattern.

It has been said that with this fly well presented to tailing whiting sessions of 50+ fish have been achieved. Below is my interpretation of a Hendo’s Flea Fly that was described to me by one who is close to Brian.


  • Size 10 hook
  • White 6/0 uni thread
  • Small copper wire
  • .015 lead wire
  • UV cure resin thin
  • Shrimp SF flash blend
The man himself, Brian Henderson, demonstration his Flea Fly at our February Fly Tie Night.

Hendo's Flea Fly, step 1
Start with a bed of thread to the hook bend, tie in the copper rib.
Hendo's Flea Fly, step 3
Half hitch the tying thread to hang the bobbin then apply UV resin forming into the desired body shape.
Hendo's Flea Fly, step 5
Cure the resin with a UV torch.
Hendo's Flea Fly, step 7
Tie in a small clump of SF blend angled back towards the hook point.
Hendo's Flea Fly, step 2
Tie in the lead and open spiral wrap forward creating the body.
Hendo's Flea Fly, step 4
Counter wrap the copper through the still uncured UV resin.

Hendo's Flea Fly, step 5
Break out the tag end of copper wire then invert the hook.
Trim the SF blend past the bend, whip finish and trim out the thread. Seal the head with a small amount of resin or head cement of your preference.