Foam Minnow

The Foam Minnow is a realistic looking fly that appeals to both fly fisher and fish.


  • Hook: Mustad R74-9672, #6-#10
  • Thread: GSP, White
  • Tail: UV2 Grizzly Soft Hackle, Olive or Brown
  • Underbody: 2mm Sheet Foam, White
  • Overbody: Mylar Piping, Pearlescent or Pearlescent Dyed Olive
  • Eyes: Stick-on eyes

Tying Note: Use permanent markers to colour and mark body to match your local baitfish or fry. Once the body markings have had a chance to dry, coat the entire body and eyes using UV Clear Fly Finish, thin.

Tying instructions (source: Fly Craft Angling with Philip Rowley)

See also: The EP Tube Minnow.
Phil's fly box - foam minnow
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