• Hook: Size 6 2x
  • Thread: Yellow or clear mono
  • Body: Double layer yellow/green or fawn/green
  • Wing case: Yellow
  • Legs: Green, yellow, fawn or brown – your choice


  1. Cut out the shape of your hopper – about 40-50mm long by 5mm wide.
  2. With hook mount in the vise, lay a bed of thread along the shank of the bend.
  3. Lay a thin bead of super glue along the hook shank and tie the body on at approximately 1/3 from the hook eye.
  4. Tie in the wing case on top of the body at the same location.
  5. Tie in the legs – one pair on each side.
  6. If you feel inclined – segment the tail of your hopper with thread or fine mono.