Hare’s Ear Nymph

This is the classic all-purpose nymph, effective for many game-fish species in all water types. The key to its success is the mottled brown hues of the hare’s fur that can suggest all manner of small aquatic insect larvae or crustaceans.

It can also be tied in a whole range of sizes from a big, heavy size 8 longshank right down to a size 22 – truly a most versatile pattern.

View/download tying instructions. Source: Diptera.co.uk


  • Hook: Size 8-12
  • Thread: Brown
  • Body: Lead wire
  • Body: Hare’s fur
  • Wing cases: Grey feather fibre
  • Rib: Fine gold tinsel
  • Tail: Hare’s guard hairs.

Source: The Fly Tyers Bible, p.94-95