Red Headed Step Child

Red Headed Step Child

Hogan's Red Headed Stepchild
Hogan’s Red Headed Stepchild


  • Hook: #14-20 Daiichi 1560
  • Bead: Small Red Glass Bead
  • Thread: Brown Veevus 8/0
  • Tail: Pheasant Tail
  • Rib: Small Red Wire
  • Thorax: Peacock Herl
  • Case: Medium Veevus Pearlescent Tinsel
  • Legs: Red Krystal Flash

The Red Headed Step Child is a great small mayfly nymph or general attractor nymph developed by fly tying guru Hogan Brown.

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Harty’s Plains and Kindee

Harty’s Plains and Kindee

Target Fish: Mullet, Herring and Bass

All the flies listed below target the herring, however they are still very effective on bass – especially if fished around the fringes and in and under cover – especially in the deeper water.

Sinking Flies

Carp Fly – Backstabber Hybrid

This Carp fly is a real killer for Bass in size 4, Herring in size 8 and 10 and Carp in size 4.

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Flats Crab

Flats Crab

Here’s an SBS of a nice easy to tie crab fly that’s great for bonefish, permit, reds etc…anything that eats a crab is going to eat this.


  • Hook: Gamakatsu S10S-4H six 6-2/0
  • Thread: Tan 6/0 Uni thread
  • Weight: Lead or brass dumbbells to suit situation
  • Mouthparts: marabou
  • Claws: 4 hackle feathers
  • Eyes: burnt 30lb mono dipped in epoxy (ready made are fine too)
  • Body: EP fibres
  • Legs: round rubber or silli legs

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Sugar Cube Emerger

Sugar Cube Emerger

The Sugar Cube Emerger, or suspender buzzer, is a fairly easy fly to tie using only a few materials but it’s very effective, especially on still water trout.


  • Hook: Light weight curved hook like a Kamazan B100 or Tiemco 2487 in sizes 10-20
  • Thread: Uni 8/0 or UTC 70 denier
  • Tag: Flat gold, silver or pearl tinsel
  • Rib: as tag
  • Abdomen: Dubbing of your choice
  • Thorax: As abdomen
  • Head: Plastazote, or other high-density foam cut into a strip.
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