Harty’s Plains and Kindee

Harty’s Plains and Kindee

Target Fish: Mullet, Herring and Bass

All the flies listed below target the herring, however they are still very effective on bass – especially if fished around the fringes and in and under cover – especially in the deeper water.

Sinking Flies

Carp Fly – Backstabber Hybrid

This Carp fly is a real killer for Bass in size 4, Herring in size 8 and 10 and Carp in size 4.

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Flies for Nundle

Flies for Nundle

Carp and Perch – Chaffey Dam and Peel River

Bread Fly, Backstabber Hybrid Carp Fly, Bead Headed Carp Fly and Bass Vampires

Cod – Chaffey Dam and Peel River

Try Purple and Brown colours and take a sinking line to get the flies down deep.

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Flies for Ebor

The Termite Fly

From http://www.kossiedun.com.au/termite_time.htm

The late Warryn Germon really had termites worked out; well as far as the trout were concerned. He developed three very effective patterns that worked not only here in Australia but America as well. 

Lowland Termite Fly
Warryn Germon's Lowland Termite
  • Hook: Mustad R50, size  18-16
  • Body: Orange thread built ant shape with cream thread over to give the effect of translucency
  • Wings: Cream Badger cock hackle tips taken from an old Indian cape.
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Flies for Wilson River, Telegraph Point

Flies for Wilson River, Telegraph Point

Recommended flies: Vince’s Loud Mouth Popper, JOS Gurgler, Vince’s Diving Gurgler, Bass Vampire, Clouser Deep minnow.

Target fish: bass, bream, mullet

I think 2 surface flies, 2 flies for just under the surface or a few feet down and 2 deeper diving flies would be more than adequate.

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Gogley’s Lagoon and Lake Cathie

Gogley’s Lagoon and Lake Cathie

Target Fish:  Whiting, Bream, Flathead, Blackfish, Taylor and Mullet.
Central Coast Fly Rodders' bread fly
Central Coast Fly Rodders' bread fly

Bread Fly

Always have a few bread flies prepared and make sure you bring at least half a loaf of stale bread for burley – you can catch all sorts plus the burley will get things going.

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