Royal Stimulator – Fedeles Variant

Royal Stimulator – Fedeles Variant

The Royal Stimulator is one of the highly successful series of Stimulators created by Randall Kaufmann. It is a great buoyant Attractor Pattern on fast water. It is desigend to be fished on rivers and streams.

The following is Paul Fedeles’ variant.


  • Hook – Size 10 Togens Hopper Hook
  • Thread – Black Sheer 14/0
  • Tail – Synthetic shaving brush.
  • Ribbing – Long piece of copper wire from stereo speaker wire.
  • Body – 4 strands of peacock herl wrapped around the thread.
  • Mid body – Red wooly nylon, 10 wraps and a 3 turn whip finish
  • Body hackle – Whiting brown dry fly hackle
  • Wing – Bleached light tan elk Hair, not real soft.
  • Head hackle – Whiting grizzly hackle


Part One

  1. Cover back 2/3 of the hook with thread.
  2. Tie in the tail on top of the hook in the back 1/3 of the hook.
  3. Tie in a 4 or 5 inch piece of copper wire.
  4. Bring thread to the initial start. Secure with a half hitch.
  5. Tie in 4 long strands of peacock herl by the base, not the tips.
  6. Wrap the herl around the thread to create a strong rope.
  7. Wrap the herl back to the base of the tail and then back to front. Tie it in.
  8. Two turn whip finish and cut thread.
  9. In the center of the herl body make 10 wraps of the Red Wooly Nylon and a four-turn whip finish to create the Royal Wulff body.
  10. Cut the red thread and set the fly aside and repeat this process on additional hooks until you have desired number you are tying.

Part Two

  1. Re-tie your black thread at the 2/3 mark.
  2. Tie in the brown hackle at the 2/3 mark. Secure with a half hitch.
  3. Make two turns of hackle in front of the body and then palmer the hackle back to the copper wire.
  4. Use the copper wire to tie off the hackle and then rib the body, going under the hook and not over it, back to the 2/3 mark. Tie off and cut the wire.
  5. Cut and stack the Elk hair. Remember when cutting any kind of deer or elk hair always cut it as close to the hide as possible.
  6. Measure Elk Hair just over the body.
  7. Cut the butts of the Elk hair at a 45 degree angle front to back.
  8. Hold the Elk hair and tie it in with sharp end of you cut near the eye.
  9. Keep a tight hold on Elk hair so it stays on top of the hook and doesn’t wrap around the fly.
  10. Work the thread back to just before 2/3 mark.
  11. Cover the whole area in front of the 2/3 mark with thread. Secure with a half hitch.
  12. Select a grizzly hackle and tie it in as near to the 2/3 mark as you can.
  13. Wrap thread forward to just behind the eye and secure with a half hitch
  14. Using tight touching turns wrap the grizzly hackle to the front. Rotate your vice until the fly is upside down. This will keep the thread from sliding off the front of the hook while you tie it off.
  15. Finish the fly with two double half hitches or two three-turn whip finishes.

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