Shute-Hill Special


  • Thread: Red 14/0
  • Hook: Scud size 10
  • Bead: Silver 7/64
  • Lead free wire – 4 turns .015, 4 turns
  • Rib: very small silver wire
  • Tail: Brown make up brush fibers
  • Body: Natural or Olive Hair’s ear dubbing
Shute Hill Special
Shute Hill Special

Tying Steps

  1. Silver bead and four turns of the lead free wire, should fit into the bead.
  2. Cover hook with thread.
  3. Tie in the tail, start at the bead
  4. Tie in the silver wire, start at the bead.
  5. Dub a fat body of the Hair’s ear.
  6. Reverse rib the body with the silver wire
  7. After tying off the rib. Keep wrapping the thread until you have a definite trigger spot behind the bead.
  8. Double whip finish and rough up the body with Velcro. Then trim the loose bits of dubbing keeping the body messy and rough.

Fishing Tip

Paul Fedeles

Cast up stream let the fly sink and then short quick jerky strips.

Keep you rod pointed at you fly line and in contact with your line.

Strip strike any small takes and don’t lift your rod until you are hooked