The Shuttlecock buzzer is a great emerger pattern for fishing on the top to rising fish.

Created by Sid Knight, it was designed for use in dams, reservoirs and stillwater fishing. Cast this fly to feed channels and drift on still waters.

The Shuttlecock is tied without hackle and instead relies on its wing of grey cul-de-canard feather to keep it floating.

The wing projects so far forward that the body actually sinks beneath the surface and mimics that of a chironomid midge pupa on the very point of transforming into the adult.

Because it is imitating a relatively small insect, the Shuttlecock is most effective tied on hooks from size 14 down to an 18, and for river use this can be used as low as a 24.

Body colour varies from black, olive and fiery brown to red and orange.

Source: The Fly-tying Bible, pp. 84-85


  • Hook: Curved hook 3x long (Daiichi 1270)
  • Thread: Orange 8/0
  • Abdomen: Polish quill
  • UV Resin: Deer Creek Diamond Fine
  • Wing Case: CDC
  • Dubbing: CDC

Source: Hatch Magazine


  • Hook: Size 14 – 24
  • Thread: Orange 8/0
  • Body: Black rabbit fur
  • Rib: Fine pearl Lurex
  • Thorax: Orange Antron
  • Wing: Natural grey CDC feather

Source: The Fly-tying Bible