Spooky Shad

From Fly Fishers International 

The Sppooky Shad is a combination of some techniques developed by Anthony Hipps and John Gulley.

“I have always wanted to have a fly that emulated the Zara Spook.

“John developed a fly called the lil spook and built it around some double sticky sided foam tape. Anthony developed his popper by building up foam and painting them.”

“I have used the two techniques together and applied a jig hook. The jig hook places the eye of the hook at a position similar to that of the Zara Spook which gives it a bit of the walk the dog feature.

This has turned out to be one fish catching fly. Works great for Black Bass and would probably do well for some saltwater fish.”

– William Heugel

Tying the Spooky Shad with Bill Heugel
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Bill Heugel demonstrates tying the Spooky Shad.


  • Hook: Mustad 410 jig hook or bend a hook to suit you.
  • Thread: Any colour 8/0 or will also work. It’s a bass fly.
  • Tail: Marabou colour to match the approach.
    Rabbit, Saddle hackle or rubber spinner bait hackle also work.
  • Body: 2mm fun foam and double sided sticky tape.
  • Body Cover: Estaz or crystal flash. Pick your favourite colour. Chartreuse is good.
  • Eyes: Doll eyes.
  • Body Colour: Permanent Marker. Prismacolor works.