Squimp Fly

squimp fly

The Squimp Fly is very simple to tie, but lethal for countless flats species.

The Squimp fly very closely imitates a small shrimp, which is the main forage for any bonefish. It also works for other saltwater flats fishes.

The Squimp fly can be tied in many colour variations. Pink works but the traditional tan is the most popular and the most effective. The Squimp fly can be tied with heavy or light eyes, depending on the depth of the flat and the spookiness of the fish.

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(Lots of substitutes work for this easy to tie shrimp mimic)

  • Hook: #04-08 Tiemco 811S or Tiemco 800S
  • Thread: Tan UNI 6/0
  • Eyes: Medium or Large Lead Eyes or Hareline Double Pupil Eyes
  • Tail: Tan Pseudo Hair or Craft Fur
  • Legs: Tan Loco Legs
  • Body: Tan Scud Dub or Tan Antron Dubbing
  • Collar: Tan Pseudo Hair or Craft Fur
  • Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash
Shrimp fly
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A fish caught on a squimp fly

Tying Instructions

Tying the squimp fly - step 1

Step 1.

Start your thread at the point of the hook and attach the dumbbell eyes with a series of figure eight wraps.
Tying the squimp fly - step 3

Step 3.

On top of the craft fur tie in 2 strands of Krystal Flash and a pair of Loco legs, one on each side of the hook.

Step 5.

Palmer the Chenille forward, making sure to cover the eyes with a figure eight wrap. Slightly before the eye of the hook tie off the Chenille, you want to leave yourself enough room for the Craft Fur Wing. Cut away any access Chenille.

Tying the squimp fly - step 2

Step 2.

Directly behind the eyes tie in a match stick sized hank of Craft
Fur. Make 7-8 wraps down the bend of the hook.

Tying the squimp fly - step 4

Step 4.

On top of the previously materials, tie in a six inch piece of Medium Chenille. Make sure you wrap back a few turns past the other materials, this will insure you cover your wraps when you palmer the Chenille. Advance your thread to the front of the hook.

Step 6.

Tie in a bunch of Craft fur slightly longer and more dense than the first. On top of the Craft Fur tie in 2 strands of Krystal Flash. On each side of the thread ball attach a 2-inch loco leg at its center. Whip finish and cut away the thread. Cover the threads with a thin coat of Sally Hanson’s Hard as Nails (HFF’s choice!) to complete.