Suspender Buzzer

Suspender Buzzer

Since the introduction of foam into fly tying, many tiers have been quick to take advantage of this material case in point, the Suspender Buzzer

The Suspender Buzzer imitates a small, hatching midge and sits with only its thorax floating in the surface film.

In this version white foam coloured with a permanent marker had been used, but other coloured foams work equally well, as do Styrofoam balls wrapped with silk stocking (left).

Instructions can be found on pages 106 – 107 of The Fly Tying Bible.


  • Hook: Size 12 – 16
  • Thread: Brown.
  • Body: Orange seal fur or Antron
    (If white is used it should be coloured broad with a waterproof permanent marker)
  • Rib: Fine pearl Lurex
  • Thorax: White or orange closed-cell foam
    (alternatively, small Styrofoam ball wrapped in silk stocking)