Thunder Creek Silver Shiner

One of a large group of themed patterns, the Thunder Creek Silver Shiner makes a robust and effective imitation of a small baitfish. Although it looks simple, it is not that easy to tie because getting the hair the right length and keeping the two colours separate takes a reasonable level of tying skill.

The Thunder Creek range was devised by American fly tyer Keith Fulsher to imitate a whole variety of fish species, and the Silver Shiner is one of the simplest.

Presentation Tips: swung down & across or stripped.

Source: The Fly Tyer’s Bible, pp. 216 – 17.


  • Hook: Size 6-8X longshank
  • Thread: Red
  • Body: Medium-width oval silver tinsel
  • Wing: White and brown bucktail
  • Head: Clear lacquer with painted eyes
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