Weed Fly


  • Hook: size 8 – 10
  • Ice dubbing (olive or fluoro green)
  • Thread: green or mono

If you are chasing Luderick then this is the fly you need!

Designed to represent the natural seaweed that they eat this fly just has to be put in front of them and they will eat it.

Tied on sturdy saltwater hooks, all you have to do once you hook up is try and keep them away from the rocks.

Black fish, or luderick, move into the estuaries and around the coastal rocks at different times of the year and become challenging targets for fly fishermen.

If they are actively feeding on weed around structure or you have used berley such as weed and sand to get the black fish feeding they will often take a weed fly suspended or slowly sinking through the feeding zone.

Peter Glassen
Notes from Peter Glasson

I would make up a couple of olive or fluro green weed flies (Tiewell’s Ice Dubbing is the go) to be fished in tandem with the bread fly – especially if you are fishing around the bridge or any of the weed beds in Lake Cathie – the bream, blackfish, mullet and many others are just as likely to hit either. If you are really careful you could try fishing 3 flies – a sinking and 2 floaters in either variety.

The easiest way to attach the flies is to use an improved clinch knot tied onto the bend of the hook above.  Cast repeatedly to the burley – a great target and get as close as you can – making sure the flies does do not drag.