Dawn’s Friend’s White Bait Pattern

Dawn’s Friend’s White Bait Pattern

As tied by Paul Fedeles

Dawn's friend's white bait fly
Dawn’s friend’s white bait fly


  • Hook – Size 6 or 8
  • Thread – Invisible thread
  • Tail and Body – 6 to 8 strands of Crystal flash
  • Eyes – Small Spotlight bling eyes ($3)
  • Body coating – UV resin
  • Finisher Sally Hansen’s Hard-as-Nails


  1. Cover hook with thread, secure with half hitch and a little Sally Hansen’s Hard-as-Nails.
  2. Starting at the eye, tie in 6 to 8 strands of crystal flash. The tail should be one and half times the length of the body.
  3. Make two or three turns of thread towards the barb. Bring the thread back to the eye.
  4. Fold the longer portion of the flash over and secure both all the way to the barb. Leave the thread there.
  5. Wrap the long portion of the crystal flash around the hook building a fish-like body.
  6. Finish the body wraps at the rear of the hook. Tie off the remainder of the flash at the rear of the fly adding it to the tail.
  7. Return the thread to the eye and whip finish. If you don’t have invisible thread, tie off and whip finish at the rear of the fly.
  8. Apply two bling eyes.
  9. Lightly coat the fly with UV resin and cure, then finish with a very light coat of Sally Hansen’s so the fly isn’t sticky.
    Another alternative cure for stickiness is to put the fly in the sun.
  10. Ribbon strip the tail to make the flash curly. Hold the edge of the scissors against the flash and slowly pull the scissors along the flash.
  11. Trim the flash at a 45 degree up or down angle. Just not straight.

Dawn's friend's white bait pattern

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