Surf Candy

Surf Candy

Surf Candy fly
Bob Popovic
Bob Popovics

Bob Popovics’ Surf Candy is the epoxy streamer fly that started a revolution in modern fly patterns for saltwater gamefish. This tough epoxy streamer tied with synthetic materials is a perfect imitation of small, slender baitfish like silversides, sand eels, and small anchovies. The Surf Candy is famous for it’s durability and attractiveness to a wide range of species including striped bass, bluefish, and false albacore, but any fish that prey on small, bright baitfish will love the Popovics’ Surf Candy.


  • Hook: Short shank, #2/0 or #3/0.
  • Thread: Fine, colour to match fly or clear monofilament.
  • Body: Flat silver mylar tinsel.
  • Under wing: Clear/white Ultra Hair or Super Hair.
  • Middle wing: Add 6-8 flash fibres like Flashabou, Crystal Flash or Lure Flash.
  • Upper wing: Chartreuse Ultra Hair or Super Hair topped with dark grey, black or olive Ultra Hair or Super Hair.
  • Eyes: 3D prism eyes or other self sticking eyes.
  • Head and Coating: 5 minute epoxy.

Tying Instructions


  1. Attach the thread just behind the hook eye.
  2. Attach mylar tinsel.
  3. Turn the tinsel to the hook bend and back.
  4. Tie off.
  5. Tie in a bunch o clear Ultra Hair.
  6. If you want you can spread them around the shank to form a more round body.
  7. Tie in 3-4 flash fibres. Fold them back and secure them.
  8. Add a bunch of chartreuse Ultra Hair.
  9. Add a bunch of dark Ultra Hair.
  10. Prepare the epoxy. Mix well, and avoid adding bubbles by folding the two parts together.
  11. Apply the epoxy using your bodkin.

    Do not use too much. Add a small amount at a time. You have got plenty of time even though 5 minutes does not seem much.

    Make sure to add epoxy in the part of the wing, which goes from the hook bend to the eye.

  1. Stretch the wing using the index finger and thumb off your other hand.

    If you pull the wing as much as you can, you will get a slim profile. if you push the wing a little bit forward as the epoxy sets you will get a thicker profile moving more water.
  2. Let the epoxy set.
  3. Add prism eyes.
  4. Add next layer of epoxy. If the epoxy starts dripping or running you have to rotate the or take it off.
    If you do not have a rotating rotating epoxy fly dryer, consider adding a second and third thin layer of epoxy instead of just a heavy second layer.
  5. Let the fly dry.
  6. Tie some more.
  7. Trim the fibres so that the wing becomes thinner towards the tip.

You can use a red/orange marker to make gills between the epoxy layers and you can use different kinds and sizes of self sticking eyes to change the appearance of the Surf Candy.

Surf Candy - step 3
Surf Candy - step 5
Surf Candy - step 6
Surf Candy - step 7
Surf Candy - step 9
Surf Candy - step 10
Surf Candy