BMS Saltwater Variant

BMS Saltwater Variant

Upon deep and meaningful discussions the fly selected – envelope please – will be the BMS Saltwater Variant.


  • Hook: Size 4 or 6 saltwater.
  • Thread: Red wooly nylon
  • Bead: Clear glass
  • Weight:
    • Size 4, 5 turns of .020 lead free wire
    • Size 6, 7 turns or .020 lead free wire
  • Rib: Gold tinsel
  • Body: Chartreuse, Yellow or Green Soft EP Fibres
  • Mixed tinsel – cut an inch and a half-length of EP Fibres and mix it in a coffee grinder.
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Paul Fedeles’ Easy Hopper

Paul Fedeles' Easy Hopper

An easy hopper pattern that will help you to learn and practice techniques for tying hoppers.

Tying instructions can be found in the May issue of the HFF Flycast.


  • Thread – Wooly nylon (Nylon stretch over locking thread)
  • Hook – Any Hopper hook (This one is a size 10)
  • Body – 2 mm craft foam cut into hopper like shape.
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Hackle Stacker Emerger Adams – Paraloop

From Utah’s Fly Corner

The hackle stacker is great dry fly pattern. It was devised by Bob Quigley. The fly utilizes a paraloop technique by winding the hackle around a post and then pulling them over the top of thorax. The pattern can be a bit of a bitch to tie at first but once you do a couple you will have it down. Read More »

Madam X Blowfly Hopper

Madam X Blowfly Hopper

The Madam X Blowfly Hopper is a combination of a blow fly and the Parachute Madam X.

Madam X Blowfly Hopper


  • Hook – Size 10 or 12 hook
  • Thread – black 14/0
  • Tail – Squirrel Tail fibers
  • White or grey EP fibers
  • Black foam
  • Metallic Blue DMC Embroidery Stranded cotton Thread E3843
  • Small rubber legs
  • Any colour McFlylon for the post
  • Any kind of dubbing
  • Brown or black Hackle

Tying Instructions

  1. Cover back 2/3 of hook with thread.
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The Peachy Cicada

The Peachy Cicada

A great topwater fly in summer for Australian Bass, Estuary Perch and Bream

Steve Peach is a passionate fly angler and member of Sydney Fly Rodders Club.

The Peachy Cicada side view

The Peachy Cicada is a fly he designed specifically for targetting Australian Bass. It’s a cicada pattern that, duing the summer months, seems to be the most effective leader for catching bass on the surface.

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