Gartside Gurgler

Gartside Gurgler

Gartside Gurgler
Gartside Gurgler (feathered)

The Gurgler Fly Pattern is a floating fly that spits and “gurgles” when stripped, and is designed to imitate everything from shrimp to baitfish and a frog for bass.

Invented by the late Jack Gartside, the Gurger is a simple and very effective fly to tie, and the tying technique has even been incorporated into mouse flies for trout.

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Hare and Copper Nymph

Hare and Copper Nymph

Hare and Copper Nymph

Probably NZ’s most popular nymph and the first nymph most beginner tiers will tackle. The Hare and Copper Nymph catches fish throughout the country in a variety of waters. The guard hairs used in the mix represent legs and give the fly that buggy look that’s very effective.

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Red Tag

Tying instructions:, Mustad,
The Fly Tyers Bible, pp. 36-37

Throughout Australia the Red Tag is excellent fished to surface feeding trout in rivers or still water (it is also a must-have for herring!). The fly is a half imitator and half attractor; the red tag, the peacock herl and to some extent the brown hackle attracting the fish.

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Black Tadpole

Source: The Fly Tyers Bible, p.188-89.

Designed by Terry Griffiths and Peter Gathercole in the 1960s, the Tadpole takes the use of turkey marabou for highly mobile wings and tails to it’s logical conclusion. The Tadpole’s tail is highly mobile and much longer than its body, giving it plenty of movement in still water.

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