Red Tag

Tying instructions:, Mustad,
The Fly Tyers Bible, pp. 36-37

Throughout Australia the Red Tag is excellent fished to surface feeding trout in rivers or still water (it is also a must-have for herring!). The fly is a half imitator and half attractor; the red tag, the peacock herl and to some extent the brown hackle attracting the fish.

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Source: The Fly Tyers Bible, p.128-29

In lakes and slower moving rivers, the larvae of the chironomid midge make a large part of the trout’s diet. They vary in colour from pale green and brown to a bright blood red.

These red larvae, known by anglers as bloodworm, live the bulk of their lives in silt tubes, but when disturbed or migrating can move by a sinuous lashing motion.

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