Rabbit Fly

Source: The Fly-tying Bible, pp.110-11.

Primarily tied as a general nymph pattern, the Rabbit Fly also makes a pretty good imitation of small dragonfly nymphs that emerge in huge numbers on many Australian lakes.

When it comes to tying flies for use on lakes, it pays to have as much built-in action as possible. The Rabbit Fly fulfils this criterion by having a collar and tail of soft rabbit fur that moves well in the water, even when the fly is retrieved very slowly.

Tied with just a few turns of lead wire under the body, the pattern should be cast close to any drowned timber or other obstructions – just where the trout patrol on lookout for real dragonfly nymphs.

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  • Hook: Size 8-10 2X
  • Thread: Black
  • Body: Green seal fur
  • Tail: Rabbit fur, blend of underfur and guard hairs
  • Wing: Rabbit fur
  • Weight: Lead wire
  • Head: Peacock herl