Muddlers Made Easy

Muddlers Made Easy

Muddler minnow
The basic shape of the Muddler Minnow can be adapted to create patterns of any colours and made of any materials.

Most tying problems stem from two things:
Failure to properly plan the fly, and not knowing how to work with deer hair. Both of these are easy to remedy.

Don’t let the prospect of tying these simple, effective flies turn you into a head case.

THE ORIGINAL Muddler Minnow was actually a very simple affair. Minnesota angler Don Gapen invented the pattern back in the 1930s to tempt the big brookies of Ontario’s Nipigon River, and it has been undergoing constant tweaking, revisions, and reinventions ever since.

Tying good Muddler Minnows is not difficult. If you treat the Muddler as two flies on a single hook, with the back end being a streamer and the front end being nothing more than two or three dumps of stacked deer hair, you’ll find the Muddler and its variants no more difficult than any other fly.