Celebrating 10 Years of Fly Fishing Fun

Celebrating 10 Years of Fly Fishing Fun

30th July 2009 – 30th July 2019

From HFF Flycast, August 2019 edition:

In July this year the Club celebrated it’s 10th anniversary in style with a luncheon held at Port City Bowling Club. The 10th Anniversary celebrations kicked off to a fine start with members and guests being greeted at the door with a glass of champagne – sorry, “sparkling wine” – a programme with a lucky door ticket attached (lots of prizes to be won), and a Special Edition Newsletter. Our usual monthly meeting room was transformed for the occasion with balloons, decorations, lovely table settings and of course lovely ladies in their finery a very festive air indeed setting the scene for the fun to follow.

Julian put together a power point presentation (right), which ran on a continuous loop throughout the festivities, highlighting ten years of fly fishing fun.
(Yes, I realised I forgot the “s” in Hastings. What can you do? – Webmaster)

Wilma made all the lovely table decorations and napkins while Dick made the wooden welcome card holders.

And so the festivities began with the arrival of our Mayor Peta Pinson. Peta came by to make a very special presentation to a totally unsuspecting, surprised and an at loss for words mouth dropping, Don Dixon.

To top it off our guest, MLA Leslie Williams was there to help Peta prop up Don in case he fainted! “Who me, faint?”, says brave fire fighter Don. Well, he did look rather white, even if the photo belies this statement, trust me! I forgot to mention, although everyone is probably aware by now that the very special inaugural award was that of – drum roll please…
Member of the Decade!

Both Peta and Leslie gave very enjoyable and gratifying speeches. Unfortunately Peta couldn’t stay for the rest of the festivities, however Leslie joined in for the rest of the day and presented another very special award to…

A stunned and also unsuspecting Brian Walker. Brian was called to the podium to be presented with Life Membership to the club by Leslie Williams. Brian, a true gentleman, has been with us right from the start, being one of the members at the inaugural meeting to form this club.

Two-time “Proud President” and Member of the Year recipient Dawn Hopkins gave a very heartfelt and sincere speech in which she outlined a few highlights since she has been a member and recounted some of the club’s many achievements and why she is proud to be a member of this club. Bob Dove, as you would expect, have a very entertaining speech. For brevity’s sake here are a few excerpts.

Bob started by thanking the Anniversary Committee for all their hard work and then recounted an amusing anecdote of how he broke the news to his wife Janice that he and some friends were starting a ‘new fishing club’ and her not quite but should have been predictable reaction. How long had the pair of you been together?

He went on to say that, “sitting at the founding and inaugural members table today it brought home to me how few of us originals there are left.” The point he was making was, “that it is great to see founder and inaugural members here” and “in this short (by my usual standards) speech rather than look back I prefer to look forward.” He rounded off his speech in inimitable Bob fashion – “I may be around (for our 20th anniversary) as I intend to live forever and like the man said as he fell past the 30th floor.
So far so good!

Our very valued and admired Patron, Brian Henderson, who could not be with us as he is in the good ol’ US of A, sent us a video extending his best wishes for the day (See below).

Christopher King, representing our major sponsor the Port City Bowling Club, thanked us for our invitation and also told us of his involvement with the Port Macquarie Game Fishing Club.

We were very appreciative to have as our guest locally renowned (maybe more than locally because Dave doesn’t blow his own trumpet) bush poet and balladeer Dave Rhodes regaling us with a fun and fast moving performance presenting a variety of old favourites from Banjo Patterson to some new poems. A particularly funny poem resonated with the age demographic in the room.

And so a day of fun and much laughter drew to an end. Our President Ben expressed his thanks to the members and guests (47) for joining in this celebration looking back on ten successful years of fly fishing and looking forward to many more. He finished by wishing us a safe journey home.

Full report can be found in HFF Flycast, August 2019 edition.