HFF Flycast – April 2021

HFF Flycast – April 2021

Volume 13, No. 9, April 2021

March was meant to be a busy month for the Club but Hughie sent us a great deal of “Pennies from Heaven” that changed our plans. As it turned out we were still busy but not as pleasantly as anticipated.
The floods are the subject of a special attachment to this edition in order to circumvent the size restrictions imposed on our email.

The tip for this month arose from a comment by one of our fly tiers bemoaning that his expensive scissors were no longer sharp whilst our “know your Fish” was chosen because of the end of summer and the commencement of the high season for this species.

March’s planned outing at Harty’s Plains was postponed due to the river conditions and the need for people not to be travelling unnecessarily even if the Oxley Highway is open at Long Flat. Three of our stalwarts did manage to reach Dunmore Trout Waters just before the Oxley Highway and Waterfall Way closed due to landslips so we do have an outings report.

The sub-Editor has contributed a report on Urunga and in the process placed a target on the backs of myself and David Hall for the Club Sheriff at next month’s meeting.

So send in your fishing reports even if it is on the dark side, we always want to know where and when the fish are biting. If anyone comes across interesting articles please pass them on we are always on the prowl for new and interesting stuff.



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