HFF Flycast, December 2020

HFF Flycast, December 2020

Volume 12, No. 5, December 2020

Welcome to our new look Newsletter. We have redesigned our fairly basic newsletter into a new format thanks to our technology wizard, Julian. Bonnie and I (mainly Bonnie) are still stumbling around the keyboard gradually finding our way around and about our greatly expanded editorial horizons. Hopefully we will eventually become adept with the new technology and will not have to telephone or email Julian too many times with annoying questions. Thanks for your patience Julian.
[No worries, Iain! WM]

This is our last edition for this year . Bonnie and I are heading back to Darwin for Christmas and family events. Having just found out that the local “lakes” in Palmerston have been stocked with Barramundi for catch and release angling I’m looking forward to my return to my old stomping grounds. I’ve been frantically tying some large Barra flies as one lake is less than 500 meters from where we will be staying with our son and distant member of this club, Craig.

The large ponds that are grandiosely called lakes also hold Tarpon and this gave me inspiration for our “Know Your Fish” in this month’s issue. If the Atlantic Tarpon are known as “Silver Kings” perhaps our smaller species could be entitled “Silver Princes”. I’ve previously caught them on “the dark side” whilst fishing for more desirable (edible) species. This was, of course, before my “road to Damascus” moment when I joined the HFFC. I can guarantee these feisty little fellows will provide great sport on a fly.

Stay safe, fish safe and don’t forget to read our members tips this month, which are particularly relevant to the coming holiday season.

Bonnie and I wish you a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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Volume 12, No. 5, December 2020
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