HFF Flycast, November 2020

HFF Flycast, November 2020

Volume 12. No. 4, November 2020

This month saw nine of our members check out the venue for November’s outing. Check out the photos and you’ll understand why we are all excited about returning to Shute Hill. Paul, our resident fly tying expert, found the only fly that was successful for the local herring and Dawn, Ron and Ken had success on some good bass. This issue includes illustrated instructions from Paul for the successful patterns, but anyone who intends to attend the outing shouldn’t miss this month’s fly tying night.

The tip I considered including for this month arose from a recent experience at Forster (see the reports from Paul and David in this edition) when I wore a rain jacket and then pulled on my waders. The rain increased and I began to feel cold, wet and uncomfortable as the rain ran off the bottom of the jacket which was inside the waders and wet parts of my anatomy that I would rather have stayed warm and dry. The waders were rubberised nylon and equally effective at keeping water inside as they are at keeping water outside. So, if you wish to keep the water on the same side of your waders as the fish, put your rain jacket on after you don those waders. Incidentally, I just saw an advertisement for some very high priced lightweight waders from a well-known manufacturer in an on-line fishing site and noticed that the model in the advert made this same basic mistake. I hope it stayed fair for him.

Anyway, I decided that most of our members would not be as dumb as I was (I really blame my eagerness to start fishing under the tutelage of our patron rather than just plain silliness) and so our tip for this month goes a little further than a previous one (August 2020) that dealt with netting fish.

Netting your own fish is difficult but at least if you blow it you have no-one to blame but yourself. Netting fish for someone else is also difficult but this month’s tip might help.

Remember if you goof up whilst netting someone else’s fish, even if the angler did everything wrong and made your task almost impossible, it will be your fault as the net-man. If the fish were few and far between, or if it was the fish of a lifetime, then the angler will never forgive you; he may tell you that it doesn’t matter and even sound sincere but deep inside you will know that every time he is fighting a fish and you reach for a net he wants to yell, “don’t blow it this time!”



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Volume 12. No. 4, November 2020
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