HFF Flycast, January 2020

HFF Flycast, January 2020

Volume 11. No. 5, January 2020

My apologies for the tardiness of our January Newsletter but, as most of you will know, the sub-editor and I have been back in the tropics over the Christmas period and have just returned to Camden Haven. It looks like we brought the wet season down with us.

This Newsletter will be briefer than usual as it will only be a couple of weeks before the next edition is due and we will be back to business as usual.

I kept an eye on the progress of the disastrous NSW bushfires during our absence and was relieved that, apart from the fires that occurred in November/early December, our members’ seem to have been spared. However, there is a lot of the bushfire season left so keep your fingers crossed and take all precautions to protect yourselves and your properties.

Looking at the reports of affected areas on the internet it appears that those sites where we released fish last September were also not affected by fire although there were large proportions of those higher country areas that appear to have been devastated.

The President’s Report for this month is inspirational and I’ve already decided that my New Year’s resolution is to complete 19 out of 20. I had already decided to particularly target bream this year even before reading No. 14 on the list. Although it is such a common fish that is prolific in the area I have yet to catch one on a fly. Maybe this month’s outing at North Haven will tick the first thing off the list.

I’ll let you guess which one of the 20 things I have no intention of trying to achieve.

Tight lines and Happy New Year!

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Volume 11 No. 5, January 2020
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