HFF Flycast, July 2020

HFF Flycast, July 2020

Volume 11, No. 11, July 2020

Our AGM is scheduled for August 2nd at 1:30pm at Don’s place. There will be more information forthcoming per email before the date of the meeting.

Prior to the AGM there will be an opportunity for a final catch and release session in Don’s pond. The AGM is also chance to catch a bass or silver perch. Don assures me that the bass are now large and hungry and some of the silver perch are now over 2kgs. A chance not to be missed!

In honour of this occasion I chose silver perch to be the “Know your Fish” of the month. Silver perch, I was surprised to discover, are renowned for being very fast and strong fighting fish. The following praise coming from “A DAY’S FISHING IN AN INLAND RIVER”, Sydney Morning Herald. 20 June 1914.

“The bream [silver perch] which run up to six pounds, and fight every inch of their way from the time they are struck till they are safely landed. … It is as easy to land a fifteen-pound cod as it is a five-pound bream, as the latter is notoriously the hardest fighter in our rivers, only being even nearly approached by the catfish.”

I suggest bringing your 5 and 6wt rods but those who wish to use a 3wt will receive the appropriate amount of respect or derision depending on the result of their endeavours.

At the start of the Covid-19 restrictions I mentioned that I was taking the opportunity to revisit a few of the old fishing books in my collection. It appears that our worthy Treasurer also used this time to thumb through some old books and magazines and he came across the photographs of one of our members in those old foxed pages. The photographs are scattered throughout this edition. See if you can recognise this quiet achiever before he is identified below the last tintype.

Thanks to Paul who forwarded what he called “two real easy flies“ for inclusion in this newsletter. As the world’s most inept tyer I can hardly wait for him to submit a couple difficult ones. Thanks to Bonnie for her report of our monthly outing, this time to the Ellenborough River. I’m afraid the results weren’t spectacular and the report would have probably taken the Club record for the shortest ever without input.

I look forward to seeing you all at Don’s place for the AGM. Until then,


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Volume 11, No. 11, July 2020
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