June 2018 Newsletter

June 2018 Newsletter

Editorial - "The Roo with the Jacket on", a true yarn3
President's Message4
Thank You, Supporters!6
Outings Report - Settlement Point, April 22nd7
Social Secretary Report9
Community Engagement9
Outings Report - Snowy Mountains, April 30th - May 5th10
What's Happening in Tony's Garage11
Monthly Meeting Report - April 11th12
Is Eating Fish Bad for You?13
Who's Who in the Zoo14

A Clarification from Don Dixon:

It was great to read a little of what I get up to in my “spare time” but it needs a little correction. I am not the Captain of Camden Haven RFS and have never been an RFS Captain. Deputy & Snr Deputy, yes but not a Captain.

I am no longer an “active fire-fighter”, it’s too bloody hard lugging heavy equipment “up hill & down dale” at 77 years, so now I just drive the Cat 7 Fire truck if no other driver is available & I have just taken on the position of brigade Treasurer.

Following the RFS medal presentation/s at Panthers, I have received a further gift from Leslie Williams- it is a Parliamentary Certificate & copy of her speech to the NSW Parliament congratulating all Mid Nth. Coast Firefighters on their awards.

And of course I ended up “Silver Perch Champion” at the recent club outing at a local private property with 4 fish in the bag- I offered coaching lessons and advice & my special fly on the day with no takers.