HFF Flycast, June 2020

HFF Flycast, June 2020

Volume 11. No. 10, June 2020

Yahoo! We’ve had an outing and it can only get better from now on. This means we have an official outings report from Dawn as well as Rodney telling us about an unofficial outing for blackfish. Our Outings Co-ordinator has arranged a great day for us at the end of this month. For decades I followed the mantra “There are only three types of fish – Barra, billfish and bait”. Then I travelled through South Australia and was shown how to prepare garfish for human consumption rather than a trolling bait. These little critturs are the sweetest fish that swims. Interestingly, if you ask people whether the garfish bill is their upper or lower jaw you will be surprised how many anglers will give you the wrong answer. They deserve to be our “Know Your Fish” this month.

There is a special feature article this month from Dawn and Bonnie that focuses (literally) on our junior members and proves that you’re never too young to join our club. All you proud grandparents enrol your grandchildren now before the limited number of vacancies are filled. You will help the Club’s finances and ensure your grandchild’s fishing future. Our picture on page two says it all.

This month also wraps up “The Way It Was” compilation from John Doust’s notes. I hope it inspired some members to at least consider checking out some of the areas mentioned in the articles. With the Covid 19 crisis hopefully winding down we should be able to travel freely, at least within NSW, look up the areas on Google maps and make your plans, don’t forget to report back to the committee so they can inform all members.

I hate blunt knives and spend a lot of time sharpening them so it seems only sensible to feel the same way about hooks. Amongst various other objects hooks come into contact with trees, boats rocks and hopefully fish, all of which can dull them and may result in them failing to pin that next fish. Simple instructions in this edition’s tip so you can ensure your hooks will penetrate your quarry.

Stay safe,


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Volume 11. No. 10, June 2020
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Club Executive, Committee and Delegates5
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Our Junior Members10
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