HFF Flycast – March ’21 Floods Extra

Most, if not all of us will have heard and seen the devastating effects of the recent flooding; businesses, livestock, homes and precious memories have been lost.

But we are at our best in adversity don’t you think?

Friends, neighbours, emergency personnel and yes, strangers have come to tirelessly assist those in need as it was at Ron and Dawn’s. They did not escape the floods being situated on Fernbank Creek Road. On Friday 19th flood waters started coming in fast. Their home, and large shed, stables and our club trailer were all inundated by flood water.

Fortunately they were able to move the horses to higher ground in time, sadly the chooks except for one lonely chicken didn’t make it. I suppose in the context of what other people have lost this seems an insignificant trouble, but not to Henry and Murphy who had been nurturing these chooks since they were chickens and they will be feeling their loss.

Fortunately Meghan, Henry and Murphy were rescued by rubber ducky and were taken into Port in good time and luckily their house (Ron and Dawn’s previous home) was okay with flood waters stopping just short of the top steps. Ron and Dawn remained stranded in their home to see to the animals and
save what they could.

On the morning of Saturday 20th it was all hands on deck as an impressive clean up operation was taking place in the house, grounds and shed by friends and relatives. On the Friday night at 11:00pm Dawn was still up cooking spaghetti bolognese for the workers she knew would be descending on Saturday. That’s just the way Dawn is, still thinking of others amidst the chaos.

As club members were busy helping Ron and Dawn with their clean-up another club member was helping out elsewhere.

HFF Flycast - March Floods 2021