HFF Flycast, May 2020

HFF Flycast, May 2020

Volume 11, No. 9, May 2020

Our newsletter cover page is adorned by a brown trout portrait by our own Don Dixon. Don bought an artist’s kit from Aldi and, in his own words, has been “playing around during lockdown”. There seems to be no end to Don’s talents. Don has also been keeping members informed regarding some great fishing videos to watch during the current restrictions – Thanks Don.

Rodney’s “Catch of the Day”
Hat Head, May 2017

With the temperature now beginning to drop I’ve headed North again for our “Know your Fish” this month. Some of our members who have been fortunate enough to fish Hinchinbrook, and have caught Queenfish, will know what great sporting fish they are.

Above is a picture from happier times – Ken Holley with a magnificent queenfish he caught at Hinchinbrook in 2016.

If any member can think of a local fish that hasn’t been the subject of the column please let me know (NO! I’m sure Rodney will agree that we will have to be really desperate to feature toadies).

The lockdown has resulted in there being no fly tie night or official outing but our members have answered my plea in the last edition to help me fill the pages. Paul has given us full details on how to tie his Easy Hopper and, although we did not have an April meeting, Ron forwarded some photos of our March meeting to remind us of what we are missing.

There is no current Calendar of Events in this issue due to the current crisis but, have no fear, the outings co-ordinator and your Committee will have us participating in the usual Club events when restrictions are eased.

I’m afraid there are no reports of successful outings either. Three trips by various members to Koree Island failed to raise a single scale although all reported that the river was high with good flows and looked fine. Our Treasurer felt that the presence of four dogs playing and swimming in his favourite fishing spot may have had something to do with his lack of success.

As well as having had a successful and amusing ZOOM meeting with HFFC friends this month , we have just completed a successful trial run with NETAS and will be participating in the May NETAS meeting via ZOOM on the 24th of this month. In “The Way It Was” there is some interesting history regarding NETAS, the MNC Trout Fishing Club and Dutton Hatchery.

One advantage of the constant use of hand sanitiser is that when I pee I clean the toilet – see there is a silver lining to every cloud if you look hard enough. The little jokes about Covid 19 are courtesy of Dawn. I don’t know where she finds them.

Meanwhile, better six feet apart than six feet under,


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Volume 11, No. 9, May 2020
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