HFF Flycast, November 2019

HFF Flycast, November 2019

Volume 11 No. 4 November 2019

Iain netting a fish

I know that some anglers see Fisheries Officers only as those guys and gals who check our fishing licences, catches, boats and safety equipment to make sure we comply with the myriad regulations that we are subject to when indulging in our passion.

I have had a fair bit of contact with DPI Fisheries staff during the past month and I am starting to see that my fishing licence fees are well spent. The hatchery staff at the Dutton Trout Hatchery are totally committed not only to breeding and distributing trout and maintaining the hatchery but are committed to improving fishing in NSW generally.

This month the hatchery staff and Melanie Buhler, the Education Officer from Coffs Harbor, were deeply involved in the “Casting for Recovery” day conducted at the hatchery. Melanie, along with the hatchery staff and volunteers also run regular programs throughout the year introducing children to the joy of fishing. These and other valuable programs are financed by DPI Fisheries.

The work carried out by Fisheries is often low profile and unappreciated by anglers. At present Hatchery staff is involved with assisting other Fisheries field officers in the transfer of Native fish, predominantly Murray Cod, from the disappearing western rivers to rivers and impoundments where they should survive the drought. This task involves long, hot dusty days and extensive travel but you can tell that they love their job when they tell tales of metre long Murray Cod being saved from tiny drying waterholes and then being released into their new homes. It was this tale that inspired this month’s “know your fish”.

Next time you came across a Fisheries Officer give him a friendly “G’day” and acknowledge the work that they do on our behalf.

Tight lines,

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