HFF Flycast – September 2019

HFF Flycast – September 2019

Volume 11. No. 2, September 2019

Okay, our fish of the month is one that is generally despised by most fishermen and various Government departments of fisheries and conservation alike. They are regarded as a pest because of their destructive bottom-feeding habits, stirring up sediment and muddying the water, reducing plant growth and lowering oxygen levels and impacting plankton, aquatic invertebrates, waterbirds, and native fish.

Most of our members were introduced to carp fishing through events intended to reduce carp numbers but it didn’t take long before we realised that carp are a worthy target species that can provide rod-bending reel-screaming fun. Although often denigrated in Oz as the “River Rabbit”, American Fly Fishermen respect the humble carp and bestow upon it the titles of “Golden Bones” and “Mud Marlin”. Carp can be just as wily and finicky as trout and a decent size carp will run well into your backing when hooked, certainly deserving of inclusion in our “Know Your Fish” section.

Our Club is growing and this month I would like to welcome two new (very) junior members Sydney McGufficke and Zoey Morrison. When I mentioned to our Club Treasurer that we were accepting our youngest members to date he brought it to my attention that we were following in the august footsteps of the most exclusive private clubs and schools in the “Old Dart” where candidates are required to enrol at birth or even before they are conceived in order to ensure admission. Although the HFFC has not yet been required to place a limit on membership I would advise all prospective parents and grandparents to immediately submit applications on behalf of their expected progeny immediately to avoid disappointment in the future.

Also in this issue is the report on this year’s Swansea Salmon Classic that was attended by seven of our members. This annual event is really a highlight of our fishing calendar and only three hours from home. Bonus: – With their kind permission we have included the reports of both Hunter Valley Fly Fishing Club and Coffs Coast Fly Fishers. Just to whet your appetites for the 2020 event.

Tight Lines,
Iain Morrison

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Volume 11. No. 2, September 2019
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