Flies for Nundle

Flies for Nundle

Carp and Perch – Chaffey Dam and Peel River

Bread Fly, Backstabber Hybrid Carp Fly, Bead Headed Carp Fly and Bass Vampires

Cod – Chaffey Dam and Peel River

Try Purple and Brown colours and take a sinking line to get the flies down deep.

Try some Vince’s Loudmouth Popper‘s, Vince’s Diving Gurgler, Paul Fedeles’ Orange Bass Flopper and the Backstabber Hybrid in larger sizes – 1/0 and 2/0s – plus a few of Rob Meade’s Gutless Flies.

Gutless Frog

I don’t have specific tying instructions for either but with some 2 or 3mm sheet foam, plastic eyes and silly legs the shuffler is not too hard to tie.

Little lengths of tube can be used to glue on the eyes. The tube can be secured just behind the eye of the hook and used to wrap the foam  to form the head.

Gutless Shuffler

It seems getting the barb hole in the right place is the only tricky bit. Purple and Brown seem to be popular colours.

The gutless frog is even easier with Gap Filler Rod in 6mm from Bunnings, some silly legs, plastic eyes, super glue and a variety of coloured marker pens – make your frog the right colour!

The closest I could find was this video – so the main difference is to use the gap filler rod and glue the rod together half way down the hook – from the eye – leaving the gutless bit around the barb.

Note you can put some sinkers on the hook or mono loop on the fly if you would like to get 'em down a bit.

Peter Glasson is a Certified Casting Instructor and was Club Captain of the Hastings Fly Fishers Inc fly fishing Club in 2014 - 15. Now living in Casuarina, in north-eastern New South Wales, he remains a Club member.