Flies for Wilson River, Telegraph Point

Flies for Wilson River, Telegraph Point

Recommended flies: Vince’s Loud Mouth Popper, JOS Gurgler, Vince’s Diving Gurgler, Bass Vampire, Clouser Deep minnow.

Target fish: bass, bream, mullet

I think 2 surface flies, 2 flies for just under the surface or a few feet down and 2 deeper diving flies would be more than adequate. The water in most areas is kinda shallow – around 4 to 10 feet with some pools around 20 to 40 foot. So firing in some flies into structure and in the shadows to around 6 feet seems the go.

Surface Flies

Vince’s Loud Mouth Popper and the JOS Gurgler (try some black ones in size 4).

They will be hit on the pause. Just make sure you get one or two nice bloops out of the LMP before the pause.

Take some bread for burley and some bread flies – it seems there are some good size mullet around – just in case.

Vince's Loudmouth Popper
Vince's Loudmouth Popper (in black). Source: South-East Queensland Fly Rodders
JOS Gurgler
JOS Gurgler

Intermediate Waters

Vince’s Diving Gurgler and the Polar Fibre Minnow – these flies should be fished using intermediate lines.

Tying instructions for The Polar Fibre Minnow can all be found on the Central Coast Fly Rodders web site.

Polar Fibre Minnow
Vince's Diving Gurgler
Diving gurglers - all colours of the rainbow!

Deep Water

The Bass Vampire and Clouser Deep minnow – both these can be fished at any depth by changing to sinking, intermediate or floating lines.

Bass Vampire
Clouser Minnow in white and chartreuse bucktail
Clouser Deep Minnow

Peter Glasson is a Certified Casting Instructor and was Club Captain of the Hastings Fly Fishers Inc fly fishing Club in 2014 - 15. Now living in Casuarina, in north-eastern New South Wales, he remains a Club member.